We are the only US store that sells large selection of Restyle Clothing and Accessories. Restyle Clothing are at the forefront of incredible resurgence of Traditional Gothic Style, and their items are highly detailed, amazing pieces inspired by Romantic and Traditional Gothic stories and ideas.

No VAT tax required to purchase Restyle items from us. We ship out from Omaha, NE USA!

Gothic black backpack bondage harness design backpack

Heavy Heart Black Denim Bondage Harness with Heart Shaped keyrings Backpack


Keep all your things in this amazing black denim backpack with faux leather straps and steel hardware.With 18 heart shaped steel keyrings decorating the backpack, on the front, side pockets and straps, this backpack looks spectacular from every direction. Inside is drawstring closure with strong faux...
Sigil of Lucifer black book bag Black magic Satans spell book

Dark Side Lucifer Sigil Spell Book Bag


This luxurious velvet handbag in the shape of a book is a must have handbag for Gothic  Dark Fashion girls.  White embroidery of the Sigil of Lucifer surrounded by an ornate frame with pentagrams and batwings. Fastened by magnets and a zipper to ensure the safety...
Occult handbags Occult symbol bags

Sigillum Dei Black Magic Symbols Occult Round Handbag


Mystic Old magic right at your fingertips. Very unique and Occult symbol of Sigillum Dei Ameth printed on soft solid black faux leather. This round black faux leather bag is printed with a beautiful old magic diagram called The Sigillum Dei Aemaeth.With detachable handles and shoulder strap,...
Witch Moon night black purse witchy night moon crossbody purse

Gypsy Witchy Moon Black Faux Leather Crossbody Purse with tassles


Gothic Girl Coven New Black Faux Leather Moon Mini Crossbody Purse! This amazing black crossbody Hipster purse features Silver crescent moon accent , braid and tassel details on front, made of 100% high quality black faux leather, and comes with a adjustable and removable shoulder...
Gothic holster bags Bat wing holster waist bag

Gothic Witch Bat Wing Holster Multiway Bag | Bat Wing Holster and Hip Bag


New Arrivals! Gothic Girl Coven bag collection! Rare design and absolutely cool bag, Faux leather Holster Multi-way belts bag. Made from textured faux leather this black holster bag can be worn in a multitude of ways. With three adjustable and removable straps and multiple places to...
Occult handbags Occult goth backpacks

Occult Goth Boho Witch Black Messenger Backpack Expandable 3 Way Bag


This amazing 3 way boho witch Messenger Expandable bag made of high quality sturdy faux-leather. The bag is expandable with adjustable two side strap belts and open with magnetic buttons hidden under the buckle straps. In the middle there is also antique lock. To open...
Black dreamcatcher bags Gothic handbags

Gothic Black Dream Catcher Dreamcatcher Boho purse with fringe and tessels


Beautiful black dreamcatcher embroidery handbag. This Gothic Boho style purse with fringe and tassels features round shape bag made of black faux leather and detailed dream catcher design is embroidered on front. Bottom of the bag is decorated with long fringe with wooden beads, inside...
Gothic Emo Skeleton Bone Leggings Emo X ray leg bones leggings

Gothic Horror skeleton Bones leggings


Very cool Skull Skeletal Bones - X Ray Skeleton Leg Bone Leggings Slim Pants Tights! Made of flexible material, perfectly fit to the figure. 92% polyester, 8% spandex.Skeleton pattern made in digital printingIt's very solid, stretch with the fabric and not crumble.Leggings has elastic in waist. Sizing &...
Occult backpack Witchcraft black spell backpack

Occult Black Backpack, Cat skull, Moon, Gothic, square backpack


Made of durable synthetic material with faux leather details. In the middle of the flap is print of a cat skull surrounded by the magic symbols. On the sides there are long straps. Bag is fastened with carabiner. The inside of the backpack is also...
Steampunk Costume Armor Shoulder Harness Gothic Cosplay Costume Armour Harness

Steampunk Armor Gothic Harness Faux Leather Studded Goth Shoulder Harness Belt


This steampunk belt is perfect accessory for simple, black dresses, shirts or corsets! Brings every outfit to completely new level! Great 90s fashion accessory can be dressed up for special occasions or for everyday use. Made of black faux leather. Panels on the shoulders are...
Restyle vivian violet choker necklace Purple stone gothic choker necklace

Victorian Gothic Metal Choker Vivian Violet Stones Choker Gothic Elegant Victorian Jewelry


Gothic Choker - Vivian Violet Purple stones Elegant Gothic necklace Made of three faceted stones in purple, surrounded by richly decorated frames. This is an Elegant Victorian Gothic Style Item with a Romantic Goth and Fairytale Gothic Overtone. The back lobster clasp closure with adjustable...
Restyle vivian mint green choker necklace Gothic Victorian Green stones choker necklace

Gothic Choker Vivian Mint Green Choker Necklace Gothic Elegant Victorian Jewelry


Gothic Choker - Vivian Mint green stones Elegant Gothic necklace Made of three faceted stones in green, surrounded by richly decorated frames. This is an Elegant Victorian Gothic Style Item with a Romantic Goth and Fairytale Gothic Overtone. The back lobster clasp closure with adjustable...
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