About Us

Thank you for shopping at Skelapparel. Our store offers wide variety of Unique, Rare, Vintage, Rockabilly, Pin up design clothing, Jewelries and Accessories. We carry special brands like Banned Apparel, Liquor Brand, Sourpuss, Hell Bunny, Too Fast, Bettie Page and much much more!

We also have a store in Amazon and you will see more collections of unique items. If you are a Amazon.com prime member, some of our products are shipped out from Amazon warehouse and these items are qualify for FREE Two-Day Shipping from Amazon. Below link is our Amazon Webstore and our store name is Dolls Unlimited Omaha.


Amazon Store : Dolls Unlimited Omaha


Who is Dolls Unlimited Omaha?

Dolls Unlimited Omaha is our parent company and running online business since 2008. We do not have a physical store location and located in Bellevue, NE USA.