Wiccan ritual black magic claws and moon necklace witchcraft spell necklace

Witchcraft Wiccan Magick Bones and Claws Naja Talon Luna Moon Ritual Necklace


Witchcraft Ritual Necklace features runes symbols made of bones and and moon made of claws. A full moon glass cabochon pendnt in the center. Each pendant is connected with black chain. Total length : 13.75" Drop Necklace Length : 7" + 3" Extension Made of...
Restyle GALDRASTAFIR NECKLACE Runic Moon, Crescent pendant, luna, Pagan pendant Icelandic Magical Staves symbols, Viking symbols necklace, Aegishjalmur, Helm of awe necklace, Icelandic magical staves with scandinavian

Viking Icelandic Magical Staves Galdrastafir Necklace


This beautiful piece of Icelandic Magical Staves Galdrastafir necklace features magical runes in form of the moon phases. Draumstafir is an icelandic magical staff and simply put it is a magical symbol used to dream of unfulfilled desires. If you have a dream of unfulfilled...
Occult Symbol Necklace, Alchemical Symbol and moon necklace, esoteric symbols necklace black moon occult symbol necklace, Witchcraft Black moon necklace

La Luna Black Moon and Occult Symbols Necklace


Witchy vibe La Luna black moon and symbols necklace features crescent moon and Alchemy symbols pendants connected with chains. Made of black alloy and textured surface. Total Length: 16" Long Necklace length : 8" + 3" extension Lobster clasp
Restyle Lunar Necklace moon phases necklace, Occult Moon necklace, witchy moon phases necklace

Gypsy Goth Moon Phase Lunar Phases lunar cycle Long Necklace


Beautiful lunar cycle pendant necklace features 5 moon phase pendants including full moon glass cabochon in the center. Each pendant is connected with chains and presents moon phases. Color: Black or Antique Silver tone Made of Alloy Total Length : 16" Necklace Length : 8"...
Book shaped locket pendant necklace Victorian Gothic gothic poetry book shaped locket pendant necklace

Dark Poetry Gothic Book Shaped Locket Pendant Necklace


Gothic Poetry Book Shaped pendant necklace features engraved decorative design book on front and back, " Dark Poetry" titles and crystal stones accent on front, it has a openable strong hinge and a hidden magnets and it has spaces for two photos inside. The inside...
Snake Symbolism & Meaning | Spirit, Totem & Power Animal necklace witchcraft Wiccan pentagram Snake necklace, Occult snake necklace

Snake Pentagram Necklace - Occult Witchcraft Pentagram Snake Pendant Necklace


This Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of snake eating its own tail forms a pentagram shape and two additional snakes are connected to chain necklace. Pendant size: 2" Diameter 16" necklace chain + 3" Extension Lobster clasp Antique silver tone Nickle and Lead Free
Satanic Pendant, occult snake necklace, snake symbolism Necklace Snake Spirit Animal | Totem Meaning - Spirit Animals Necklace

Serpent Snake Necklace - Symbol of rebirth - Occult Witchcraft Snake Necklace


Serpent Snake Necklace Features a detailed design twisted snake Large pendant with chain necklace. Antique silver tone 16" Chain Necklace + 3" Extension Lobster Clasp Serpent Snake Pendant : 3.75" x 2.75"
Witchy moon black ring, Witchcraft Moon Ring, Crescent Moon Ring, Luna Moon Ring, Full Moon Ring

Witch Moon Ring - Witchy Moon Occult Crescent Moon Fashion Ring


This cool Crescent Moon in Luna Moon Ring features double crescent moon with laser cut inscription of Witch inside of the crescent moon with full moon accent. 1 1/16" Diameter Matte black tone Sizes  : 16, 17, 18 ( See ring sizing chart) Size Info...
serpent Snake ring, occult snake symbol ring, Satanic Snake Ring

Snake Ring - Symbol of rebirth - Occult Witchcraft Snake Ring


Detailed design of Snake Fashion Ring features antique silver tone ring with detailed design snake charm on top. Many cultures have revered the snake as a symbol of rebirth. This ring is absolutely gorgeous and very cool on your finger. Ring Size : 16, 17,...
Restyle Witch Moon Gothic Satanic Alchemy Punk Occult Pentagram Jewelry Earrings Witch Moon Pentagram Star Symbol Black Occult Witch Earrings

Pentagram Moon Occult Witch Moon Gothic Black Earrings


Brand new design Crescent Moon with Pentagram Earrings features Witchcraft vibe laser cut Crescent moon with Luna Moon pentagram and WITCH inscription inside of the crescent moon and adorned with black crystals.  Hook Earrings Charm size: 1.75" Diameter 2.5" Drop Matte Black tone Nickel and...
Occult Gothic Alchemy Witch Sword Moon earrings

Moon Sword Earrings Distressed Silver Tone -Gothic Witchy Occult Alchemy Earrings


Gothic Witchy Occult Alchemy earrings features detailed design of Sword with moon and occult symbols. Distressed Silver tone Charm Size : 2.5" x 1" 3.5" Drop Hook earrings Lead & Nickel Free
Wicth Moon and Pentagram pendant Necklace, Wicca moon magic witch necklace

Witch Moon Pentagram and Crescent Moon Black Pendant Necklace


Witch Moon pendant features laser cutting metal inscription of WITCH in crescent moon and Pentagram and adorned with black crystals. Black Chain Necklace. Pendant size: 2.25" Diameter x 2.25" Height 16" black chain with 3" Extension Accented with black Crystals
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