Women's Clothing Sizes: Is a 4 Really a 4?

Posted by Momoe Potter

We have customers explain their anger to us saying that the sizing is way off.....this is not women size etc....that is why we ask customers to check their measurements not size number when they buy clothing online because sizing are different depends on the brands......we found good article about women's clothing sizes.....

(copy from the article )

Fit may be part of the problem, especially for women. Men's clothes often come in specific waist sizes and other dimensions. But women's clothes vary dramatically from one manufacturer to another. And even though ASTM International has created standard tables for clothing sizes, most companies ignore them. So, one woman can end up with a variety of sizes in her closet.

The trend has continued on the same trajectory, experts say. In the late-90s, according to proprietary information, some manufacturers simply pushed all of their clothes down a size, so that 10's became 8's, 8's became 6's, and so on. That led some stores to add 0's and even 00's for small women.


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